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  1. Revolutionizing Your Health Journey with Global Medical Travel

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    Ever thought about a journey that’s more than just a trip? Welcome to Bluedot Medical Assistance, where we blend health and travel into a unique experience! Wondering about Medical Value Travel? It’s like going on a health-focused exploration, seeking special treatments in places that might offer more than your hometown.

    Why is it great? Well, think about getting top-notch medical care from experts who might be a bit out of reach back home. Plus, it’s not just about hospitals; it’s a chance to recover in a new place, exploring cultures and scenes while getting better.

    Now, meet Bluedot Medical Assistance, your health buddy. We get that everyone’s journey is different, so our commitment is not just about giving a service; it’s about giving you care that suits you.

    Check out our special features:

    All-in-One Healthcare Solutions: We cover treatments from various medical conditions.

    Global Healthcare Network: We’ve teamed up with hospitals and medical professionals worldwide for quality care.

    Effortless Travel Planning: Leave the travel fuss to us. We sort out all the details for a smooth and easy medical journey.

    Personal Touch: We’re here to guide you through every step.

    Privacy First: Your health info stays private with us.

    Medical journeys can have bumps, like different languages and rules. But worry not! We’re all about doing the homework, chatting with health pros, and teaming up with reliable helpers. Safety first, adventure second!

    Ready for an experience towards better health? Bluedot Medical Assistance is here to make it happen. Let’s chat, plan, and make your health journey a trip to remember.

    Excited? Reach out today and let Bluedot be your partner in this health experience!

    Safe and happy travels,

    Bluedot Medical Assistance

  2. Medical Tourism: Ayurvedic Treatment

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    Medical tourism in India is booming, the main reasons being cost effectiveness, high quality of treatment, lack of language barrier, no or less waiting time, and specialized treatment options. However, if you look at the scenario a bit closer, you will see that Kerala, an Indian state with ayurvedic packages, has enormous potential in medical tourism.

    Ayurveda, the ancient natural system of medicine, isn’t just about great body structure but also about healing. As listed in Vedic books, the herbs, and oils used for ayurvedic treatments are of immense medicinal value. After all, Ayurveda belongs to the Vedic period and was primarily a treatment mode to conserve the well-being of people and cure diseases through remedial methods like massage, yoga, meditation, diet, and workouts.

    Whether you are suffering from body pain or have a severe health issue if you are contemplating your medical travel to Kerala for ayurvedic treatment, here is a blog to help you with everything you should know.

    Ayurveda: A Deeper Look

    Ayurveda is a centuries-old tradition that is fast adding Kerala to the global medical tourism map, attracting both vacationers as well as global celebrities who wish to rejuvenate and heal their bodies. Yes, people have been dubious about Ayurveda’s healing capabilities. However, when Naomi Campbell, the British supermodel, landed in Kerala last year, it was an affirmation of the efficacy of this powerful healing system.

    Perhaps, the most popular objective of ayurvedic healing is the removal of toxins from the body so it can be more immune to diseases. However, the best part is that Ayurveda rejuvenates not just your body but also your mind and soul.

    While there exist several ayurvedic hospitals across India, Ayurveda is practiced in its authentic and most traditional form in Kerala. Additionally, the state’s perfect weather conditions all throughout the year, top-notch hospitals with outstanding amenities, and dedicated doctors make it an excellent option for medical tourism. There are nearly 924 ayurvedic health tourism centers across the 14 districts of Kerala, offering numerous healing techniques.

    Potential Benefits Of Ayurveda & Common Treatments

    From anxiety to asthma, arthritis to digestive problems, and eczema to diabetes, Ayurveda has been found to cure almost all health problems. Some popular ayurvedic treatments include Abhyangam, Njavarakkizhi, and Dhara.

    Typically, Abhyangam involves massaging your entire body using ayurvedic oils to improve blood circulation and thereby reduce stress. On the other hand, Njavarakkizhi is a body polishing therapy that will revitalize your skin complexion. Dhara also involves ayurvedic oils, but the oils are made to sit on your head to improve memory, sleep quality, and relieve stress.

    With Ayurveda’s growing popularity, many private players have entered the scene. In most health centers, Ayurveda is practiced in the most traditional form, and unlike the common misconception, they don’t act as massage parlors. Instead, these centers are genuine healthcare providers that practice wellness and recreation as a part of their service. However, some of the best ayurvedic healthcare centers include Vaidyaratnam, Kottakkal, Pankajakasthuri, Kairali, and Shanthigiri.

    The Best Time For Ayurvedic Treatment In Kerala

    While the festivities never cease in Kerala, Keralites take a respite in the month of June, when the season switches from summer to monsoon, which lasts for nearly two months. This is also when the Malayalam month of Karkidakam falls—a time that is deemed to be the perfect period to indulge in rejuvenation therapies that fall under the big umbrella of Ayurveda.

    In fact, it is written in the Vedic scriptures that Karkidakam is ideal for ayurvedic treatments because the season is accompanied by a lack of dust and humidity in the atmosphere. One treatment that is of particular importance here is Panchakarma—an ayurvedic therapy performed to remove toxins from the body.

    Often, the stressful lifestyle that people live every day results in the accumulation of toxins in the body that causes health issues. Panchakarma flushes out these toxins and restores vitality.

    Ayurveda is also beneficial for skin-related issues. It suggests several treatments involving herbal blends that can help your skin break free from the everyday chemical applied to the skin. Furthermore, beauty in the ayurvedic sense goes beyond just your skin and external factors. It suggests that beauty results from improper lifestyle and harmful food habits than the summer sun. Thus, be prepared to follow a healthy vegetarian diet devoid of impurities while undergoing any ayurvedic treatment. And in the month of Karkkidakam, you might also be fed Karkkidaka kanji, an ayurvedic gruel made of rice and a combination of herbs and spices.

    Fly To Kerala With Bluedot Medical Assistance

    Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala offer therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments for various health issues, including skin care, weight loss, diabetes, back problems, and much more. It has also been proven ideal for curing and managing various chronic illnesses, such as paralysis, arthritis, neurological ailments, etc. The geographical position and the climate make Kerala an ideal place to undergo relaxing treatment that uses a wide array of herbs and plants.

    So, if you have been considering ayurvedic treatment in Kerala for a long, now is the time to plan your trip. However, you don’t have to do it alone.

    At Bluedot Assistance, we have been helping people travel to popular medical tourism destinations like India, Thailand, Singapore, and UAE for affordable and quality healthcare. Reach out to us, and let us help you plan your journey and beyond.

  3. UAE Health Insurance

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    Health emergencies across the world are rising year after year. Cancer is among the leading causes of death, and the number of new cancer cases per year is expected to rise to 29.5 million by 2040. This means that healthcare expenditures are significantly increasing, sometimes exponentially, with additional chronic conditions, access to specialist physicians, visits the emergency department, and hospital admissions.

    This is where health insurance comes in. Coming in various shapes and sizes, health insurance is designed to protect people and their families in days of unfortunate health-related tragedies. Imagine you are diagnosed with a life-threatening tumor when you are at the peak of your career. You will regret your choice of not having health insurance then.

    Why is Health Insurance More Important Now?

    With the covid-19 pandemic still showing no signs of ceasing, now is a crucial time to consider health insurance. Health insurance acts as a much-required financial backup during times of unexpected medical emergencies.

    Health insurance covers the expense you incur from an illness or injury and pays the care provider directly. Meaning, that with health insurance in hand, you can peacefully undergo treatment without having to worry about medical expenses and can focus on your speedy recovery. Furthermore, you can be at ease knowing that your life savings won’t be exhausted.

    Can You Avail Cashless Mediclaim in Your Home Country With a UAE Health Insurance?

    The short answer is yes!

    At Bluedot Medical Assistance, comprehensive and highly personalized care forms the core of our medical assistance services. We extend our services to individuals/groups who travel for quality and cost-effective treatment options across the globe.

    Recently, through the provision of Home Country Treatments, we started supporting insurance companies and corporates in controlling insurance policy overutilization by facilitating treatments for the insured in their home country— where medical expenses are considerably lower—on a cash-less basis under insurance coverage.

    Furthermore, leveraging our vast network of medical professionals, we can create customized packages to better serve the needs of people who require complex surgical procedures. Our expert team reviews patients’ medical reports and guides them in choosing the best hospitals and doctors ideal for their requirements. Additionally, we take care of all their needs, from treatment cost estimation to insurance approval, hospital booking, and additional necessary support, including follow-up care.

    Did that get you interested? Reach out to us for a one-to-one discussion of your medical needs.

  4. Medical Tourism in India

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    The global medical tourism market is projected to grow from $13.98 billion in 2021 to $53.51 billion in 2028. Some of the leading destinations across the world for medical tourism include Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and particularly India—a country where the industry has been significantly gaining momentum over the last decade.

    Every year, nearly two million patients cross borders and reach India in search of affordable and efficient medical treatment. As a result, the industry’s annual forex is $4 billion each year.

    That brings us to the question—what is the Indian healthcare industry doing differently to draw so many patients from abroad?

    But before we address the question, let’s look at the reasons why people choose to travel for their treatment.

    Why Do Patients Travel for Medical Care?

    Thanks to the increasing globalization of healthcare, the opportunity to travel for medical care is no longer a challenge. Though most people prefer getting treated close to home, several factors prevent them from doing so. For instance, finding the right specialist, high-end equipment and improved technology, long wait time for specific procedures, and most importantly, the cost.

    Of the many factors that push people towards medical tourism, the cost is often the primary reason. The cost for standard and advanced medical procedures is high in developed counties. For example, open-heart surgery costs $1,50,000 in the US and $70,000 in the UK, but you could undergo the same treatment for a fraction of that cost in countries like India, Thailand, or Turkey.

    Additionally, the wait time for medical treatment tends to be longer in well-developed counties. For example, public hospitals in developed countries ask their patients to wait for anywhere between 40 to 50 days for procedures like cataracts, knee replacement, heart valve surgery, etc.

    So, patients choose to travel to developing countries like India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, etc., to get equivalent treatment at a more affordable cost.

    Medical Tourism in India: Factors Attracting Medical Tourists

    According to surveys and studies, the Indian medical tourism industry is growing at a rate of 20.4 percent CAGR. The country’s state-of-the-art health facilities, highly-skilled medical professionals, and affordable treatment options make it the leading medical tourism destination in Asia.

    The low cost is the primary factor attracting people from across the world to fly to India for medical treatment. While other countries have complex processes to obtain visas, India is simplifying visa application processes to encourage more patients to get treated in the country’s best healthcare institutes. India also has more than 500 accredited healthcare providers, meaning you can rest assured receive high-quality treatment.

    Another significant advantage of getting treated in India is that you get immediate service and care without waiting time. The medical services are world-class and involve the latest technology. Apart from modern medical practices, India also offers traditional practices under AYUSH—Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. So, you can resort to these therapies during your recovery period.

    Lastly, though people in India speak a wide array of languages, English is the official language in the country. Hence, you won’t have difficulty expressing your concerns to doctors and other healthcare professionals.

    Highly-Rated Cities for Medical Tourism in India


    Titled the best city in India for medical tourism, Chennai bags are a major part of both international and domestic health tourists. This is because the city has some of the best hospitals in the country and offers world-class healthcare at affordable rates. Some of the most popular medical treatments available in Chennai hospitals include eye surgery, hip replacement, cardiac bypass, and bone marrow transplant.


    Mumbai’s healthcare industry is known for its highly-qualified doctors, medical staff, and great medical faculties. The city’s treatment facilities are highly-rated, and the Research and Diagnostic hubs it holds make it the fastest-growing destination for medical care.

    A large number of people from across the world, as well as India, reach Mumbai for cancer treatment, cosmetic surgery, orthopedic treatment, and weight-loss surgeries.

    New Delhi

    India’s capital city, New Delhi, is ideal for cost-efficient medical treatments regardless of your health problems or illnesses. The city has top-tier private hospitals with special facilities for foreign and domestic patients, including those for heart care, general surgery, neurosurgery, and eye surgery.

    Additionally, most of the hospitals here have tie-ups with well-established hospitals in different parts of the country.


    Healthcare facilities in Bangalore aim to offer patients from across the world the best medical treatment and care in India. Patients who reach Bangalore can be sure of a pleasant and comfortable treatment experience. The treatment packages are also cost-effective and specially designed by doctors and highly-qualified research teams.

    Apart from these three destinations, cities like Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Vellore, and Goa are also known for their quality healthcare facilities and treatment options. Furthermore, cities in Kerala, especially Alleppey, are known for their Ayurvedic treatment, where you can experience treatment and massages that are eco-friendly and holistic.

    Kerala: An Emerging Destination for Medical Tourism

    Kerala—God’s Own Country—is a fantastic spot, renowned for its backwaters, tea estates, waterfalls, and Ayurveda. In fact, the tourism industry has always been the backbone of the state’s economy. What makes Kerala a sought-after medical tourism destination is everything from flight connectivity, pleasant climate, and affordable medical care with quality at par with international standards.

    The Ayurveda hub of India, Kerala, is an admired destination for medical care in the country. Thanks to the state’s growing number of hospitals equipped with state-of-the-infrastructure like Aster Medcity, Kerala is now among South Asia’s most advanced healthcare destinations.

    Travelers who reach here for medical treatments can move on to undergoing Ayurvedic treatment during their recovery stage to reap the benefits of head and body massages with aromatic oils mixed with herbs.

    The Potential Problems with Medical Tourism

    While medical tourism offers significant benefits, it also comes with certain drawbacks, which are mainly the contribution of poorly planned medical travel or choosing the wrong medical tourism service provider. For instance, without the right amount of research, chances are you might end up undergoing poor-quality surgery in an improper facility.

    When patients travel to an unfamiliar country, it is essential they choose the right service provider so they won’t have to return home with disappointment and worsened health.

    This is where we can be of help.

    At Bluedot Medical Assistance, we strive to make your medical travel journey as hassle-free and comforting as possible. We arrange the best healthcare facility in the best destination that suits your medical needs and helps you adjust to the new environment during your treatment and recovery phase.

    Our services range from hospital bed booking to doctor appointments, cost containment, custom packages, prior second opinion, follow-up care, and visa application. You will be assigned a 24-hour dedicated case manager who will work with you throughout your journey to ensure your comfort and address any challenges you might be facing.

    Reach out to us to discuss your medical needs, and let us help you with the best medical travel options and packages.


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    Covid-19, the new pandemic that first erupted in December 2019 in China and has spread rapidly across the world through human-to-human transmission has created conditions that impact the lives of all countries and people across the globe, forcing political, economic, and socio-behavioral changes in societies. The Covid-19 pandemic started in Wuhan in China in December 2019 and in other countries in February 2020. It has various effects and countries around the world are looking for a sustainable development approach to mitigate its negative impact. The after-effects of the chaos created by the pandemic have not only created long-term health issues in those affected by the infection but also weakened the economy of every country, all the sectors, and the travel and tourism industry is one among the most affected.


    The Covid-19 pandemic has made people conscious of hygiene and safety. People are concerned about their safety in public transport, hotels, and recreational sites. To reduce the symptom of the people of Covid-19, we have face masks and sanitizers added to our daily lives. The covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the travel decision of tourists. The tourists generally seek destinations’ safety, cleanliness, established infrastructure, and high-quality medical facilities especially in the case of medical tourism during the Covid-19 pandemic. . It implies that hygiene and well-being can be a significant factor for travel.

    Intimate and inclusive tourism packages, safety, and security when traveling are highly preferred by tourists. They want to avoid the risk and overcrowded places have become a big no considering the highly contagious situation and they may decide not to visit destinations if their preferences are not met.


    Medical tourism is a growing economic venture due to its ability to offer sophisticated treatments and facilities similar to the top-notch institutions of high-income countries within your budget. The countries whose major source of employment and income was health tourism are facing a severe misfortune due to the pandemic. Covid-19 has wrecked the health, wealth, and lives of people and driven the world to one of the greatest economic chaos and uncertainties of all time. With countries closing their borders and restricting travel via any means, the damage be it economic, employment, or social is evident in an industry that is purely based on movement and social interactions of people.

    The World Economic Outlook had forecasted that world annual economic growth in 2020 has had a major fall which was worse than the decline of the Great Financial Crisis, and warned of a global recession approaching a Great Depression. But in the present scenario, there is a glimmer of hope and opportunity.


    The covid-19 pandemic has already brought severe concerns to the world tourism industry. The effect of the pandemic on the tourism destination, tourists’ and their preferences is irrespective of nationality. The world is aware now of the Covid-19 pandemic and its social, health, and financial repercussions. Although China, the United States, Russia, and other developed countries have produced vaccines and started vaccination, most developing countries are struggling to get the vaccine for protection against the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic. There is a lack of healthcare safety and security in many countries regarding handling Covid-19 patients, and a lack of doctors, vaccines, and testing facilities. Covid-19 is a global phenomenon and has become an established external factor in our daily lives affecting the performance of emerging tourism marketing.

    The lockdowns imposed by the governments around the world in order to control the spread of the pandemic have been at the largest scale in human history. The consequences of the pandemic and lockdown are that it has changed many aspects of human life and the health tourism industry as people adapted to the restrictions on movement.


    Covid-19 has hit the whole world in an unimaginable way that even the US and UK which are ranked by Global Health Security Index as the most prepared for pandemic had a catastrophic experience. And still some countries have strict travel bans, closed borders, and postponed their airlines to control the spread of the pandemic. The United Nations World Tourism Organization reported that there is a global crisis in the tourism industry and Covid-19 is responsible for a decline in international tourist arrivals that estimate the losses of US$300–450 billion. This is surprisingly more terrible than the effect of SARS in 2003. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many countries and the global tourism industry faces terrible situations in which business has been closed, lives have been lost, and people are on high alert for social safety. The fact that Health tourism cannot withstand the pandemic like any other industry is a huge downside itself. One major challenge to medical tourism in the near future is travel by senior citizens or other vulnerable individuals for whom travel restrictions may be even tougher. The arrival of new variants of the virus again is a concern that spreads disastrously and if the tourist destination is vulnerable to it, the tourists might call off their plan. In such conditions, conscious and alternative strategies have to be implemented.


    For medical tourism in the post-pandemic world, patients will find great concern for attentiveness to their well-being, in this vulnerable situation and safe environment along with their preferred destination, and the coming years shall mark the onset of the new normal for medical tourism in both the demand and supply countries. Medical traveling is going to be more demanding as the tourists need more reassurance, would have personal recommendations and need information on risks to health and safety.

    Many countries of the world started to recover from the crisis faced by tourism. Tourists’ travel arrangements should be organized to minimize the risk and stress of tourists. For instance, tourists should purchase insurance when they booked trips to destinations, and information related to vaccination in their visas, travel, accommodation, etc should be planned and executed well. The scope of online consultation with doctors around the world can also be utilized by companies involved in health tourism to market and uplift your services.


    Bluedot has set higher-than-industry standards and has become the leading medical assistance provider for government, companies, and individuals. We take care of the uncertainties if any and make your travel during the pandemic stress-free. Everything from choosing the right hospital with strict COVID protocols to arranging your travel and accommodation without any difficulty will be taken care of by our team. And not just that once you’re back after the treatment we offer follow-up care where you can discuss your recovery details with your doctor.

    We help you make your journey towards good health a lot easier.

    It is crucial to investigate what innovative methods can be incorporated and how the tourism industry can overcome the misfortune caused by Covid.

  6. Medical Tourism in UAE

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    Medical Tourism is an industry growing at a steady pace, across global markets and is providing people from all around the world with a wide range of medical and healthcare-related services. The quality of medical care is a vital motivator for international patients who choose to travel abroad seeking better medical options, including better medical facilities and cost-effective procedures.

    Over the last decade, medical tourism in the UAE has been developing rapidly and is a preferred destination for many international travelers. UAE is currently in the top 10 highly sought-after medical tourism destinations in the world and is climbing the charts at a rapid pace with each passing year. Dubai ranks first as the top medical destination in the Arab region. It includes tourists from neighboring countries, other Asian Nations, USA, Europe, and African nations. The increasing number of patients indicates the effectiveness of the government in welcoming patients and providing them with proper medical attention. The strong health regulation framework, which helps ensure the quality of health care provided, the many positive government policies and the strong health infrastructure has resulted in making UAE a popular choice for medical tourism.

    All set to become the Hub of Medical Tourism, UAE has succeeded in offering world-class healthcare options with Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the major hotspots. In Abu Dhabi, with a partnership between the Department of Health and the Department of Culture and Tourism, the Emirate has launched a major drive to attract more medical tourists. Dubai is working aggressively on expanding and revamping its healthcare infrastructure and is aiming to attract around half a million health tourists in the coming years. Dubai Health Experience (DHX) was launched by Dubai in 2018 to enhance the whole medical tourism design. (DHX) launched by Dubai

    Health Insurance and Healthcare cost

    Many international travelers prefer UAE as the travel destination for their medical care due to the increasing healthcare costs back home and the lack of insurance coverage for some treatments such as orthopedics, dermatology, and dental procedures. In recent years, the development of high medical care standards and affordable prices has resulted in a surge in the number of patients.

    Life expectancy and Lifestyle diseases

    The global average life expectancy today is higher than it used to be and is expected to increase in the coming years. The aging population is estimated to triple in numbers in the coming years and the increase in global healthcare spending obviously points to growth in the medical tourism sector.

    The increase in the number of people suffering from Obesity and Diabetes, the most common lifestyle-related diseases, also indicates an increase in the number of medical and wellness tourists from all over the world opting for treatments from the health clinics and wellness centers in the UAE.

    Quality of Treatments and State of the-Art Facilities

    The UAE ranks higher than the majority of other GCC countries across most healthcare indicators and has many worlds class medical facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology, including the most innovative surgical equipment in the world and highly qualified specialists and physicians. Dubai is home to one of the largest populations of skilled surgeons.  A wide range of treatments are being offered including: –

    *Specialized Cancer Treatments

    *Cosmetic Surgeries

    *Dental Procedures

    *Orthopedic Treatments


    * Fertility Treatments

    A large number of medical professionals leads to minimizing the waiting time for the patients to be scheduled for opted procedures. Most of the medical practitioners are trained in the US and European Countries and speak fluently in many foreign languages. A medical body strictly monitors and ensures that only surgeons and practitioners of high quality are licensed to practice medicine in the UAE.

    Recreation and Relaxation

    Upon completion of the medical treatment, tourists have many options to simply relax and rejuvenate their body and mind, whether it is a pampering spa treatment, working out in a gym, or just exploring the neighborhood. The primary goal is to concentrate on your overall wellness and take it easy and just relax. One can choose from a vast number of options including beautiful resorts and hotels for an extended reinvigorating treatment coupling a vacation with medical treatments.

    Are you planning to visit the UAE for your medical needs? Allow us to help. At  Bluedot, we are committed to providing you with high-quality and cost-effective medical and healthcare services based on individual requirements. We take pride in our excellent customer-friendly service work around the clock assisting you with personalized medical services in the event you wish to travel to the UAE. We offer tailor-made travel plans and guide you through every step of your medical stay including your follow-up care.


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    The latest initiative by India’s Ministry of Tourism is the Draft National Strategy and Roadmap for Medical and Wellness Tourism. The National Strategy aims at formulating an institutional framework, developing a brand, and strengthening the ecosystem towards both, availability and quality assurance, centred around the following salient features:

    • Distinct roles defined for five ministries and NABH
    • State Governments to enhance the ground infrastructure and promote MVT proactively
    • Transparency in transactions by hospitals and healthcare facilities
    • Industry associations to create market outreach and promote Brand India
    • Allied sectors to boost accessibility by way of flights, accommodation

    There is a need for organising the sector by way of registration, accreditation and categorisation of MVT facilitators as well as Medical Service Providers. This would provide a mechanism for mutual coordination between only registered and accredited bodies to create a trustworthy ecosystem, eliminating undesirable elements. 

    The following steps are envisaged to achieve the required outcome:

    • Health insurance portability by way of extended insurance cover. It would be relevant to work towards inclusion of Indian Health Insurance companies in the global market. Alternatively, hospitals may be empanelled directly by international TPAs.
    • Developing Medical Enclaves for Foreign Patients. A medical complex with customised features, amenities and medical facilities may be created, with hospitals or healthcare companies gaining by way of concessional rates, duties, etc on infrastructure creation as well as consumables. The development of such hospi-towns may be explored in PPP mode.
    • Development of SWTX. Special Wellness Tourism Zones may be encouraged at state level offering comprehensive end-t-oend services for health, medical and wellness interventions, again developed on PPP model or with FDI.
    • Capacity Building. With the anticipated increase in inflow, groundwork for policy alignment, infrastructure development as well as skilling needs to be expedited in order to be future-ready.
    • Online MVT Portal. The existing portal needs a makeover with integration of all services a medical traveller would need, while also carrying advisories, regulations and information for transparency and ease.

    Amidst such escalating popularity and growing demand for MVT, the COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight back on healthy living, preventive medicines, nutrition, and immunity building. Knowing that the infection shows wide ranging symptoms and impacts various organ systems, its actual impact on the global population is yet to be assessed, with public health experts believing that it may have a significant effect on the long-term health of the affected population. 

    (Excerpted from ‘Medical value tourism in India: What makes the country a leading Medical Tourism Destination’ published on 27.09.21 at )