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Bluedot medical assistance have peaked to popularity with our dedication towards clients as we offers comprehensive medical services, catering to individuals/groups seeking quality treatment options worldwide, provide cashless Home Country Treatments with UAE health insurance to manage policy use for affordable medical care.
Aug 31, 2022
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Can You Enjoy Cashless Mediclaim In Your Home Country?

Health emergencies across the world are rising year after year. Cancer is among the leading causes of death, and the number of new cancer cases per year is expected to rise to 29.5 million by 2040. This means that healthcare expenditures are significantly increasing, sometimes exponentially, with additional chronic conditions, access to specialist physicians, visits the emergency department, and hospital admissions.

This is where health insurance comes in. Coming in various shapes and sizes, health insurance is designed to protect people and their families in days of unfortunate health-related tragedies. Imagine you are diagnosed with a life-threatening tumor when you are at the peak of your career. You will regret your choice of not having health insurance then.

Why is Health Insurance More Important Now?

With the covid-19 pandemic still showing no signs of ceasing, now is a crucial time to consider health insurance. Health insurance acts as a much-required financial backup during times of unexpected medical emergencies.

Health insurance covers the expense you incur from an illness or injury and pays the care provider directly. Meaning, that with health insurance in hand, you can peacefully undergo treatment without having to worry about medical expenses and can focus on your speedy recovery. Furthermore, you can be at ease knowing that your life savings won’t be exhausted.

Can You Avail Cashless Mediclaim in Your Home Country With a UAE Health Insurance?

The short answer is yes!

At Bluedot Medical Assistance, comprehensive and highly personalized care forms the core of our medical assistance services. We extend our services to individuals/groups who travel for quality and cost-effective treatment options across the globe.

Recently, through the provision of Home Country Treatments, we started supporting insurance companies and corporates in controlling insurance policy overutilization by facilitating treatments for the insured in their home country— where medical expenses are considerably lower—on a cash-less basis under insurance coverage.

Furthermore, leveraging our vast network of medical professionals, we can create customized packages to better serve the needs of people who require complex surgical procedures. Our expert team reviews patients’ medical reports and guides them in choosing the best hospitals and doctors ideal for their requirements. Additionally, we take care of all their needs, from treatment cost estimation to insurance approval, hospital booking, and additional necessary support, including follow-up care.

Did that get you interested? Reach out to us for a one-to-one discussion of your medical needs.

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