Medical Second Opinion From Expert Doctors

Bluedot arranges for a second opinion from expert doctors, aiding in reassessing your diagnosis and understanding your condition and required treatment more comprehensively. Medical second opinion services enable you to make informed decisions regarding the course of medication and treatment, making our medical assistance one of a kind.

medical second opinion services

Second Opinion Services

Before you plan a foreign trip for medical reasons, we help you get a medical second opinion from expert doctors. This will help you better decide your need to travel, your medical destination, reasons for choosing, duration of stay, etc.

The advantages of medical tourism are indisputable. From the high quality of service to the affordability of cost or the availability of a certain kind of procedure or therapy in foreign countries, there are many reasons why a growing number of people opt to travel abroad to receive medical treatment and care.

Countries such as Thailand, India, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and Spain see an influx of thousands every year seeking to receive dental care, surgery, cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, organ and tissue transplantation, and cancer treatment. In many of these countries, patients can request and take advantage of custom packages that better serve the particular needs of their case.

But before you plan a trip for medical reasons, seeking a second opinion from medical experts is desirable and, in some cases, obligatory in case of less common medical conditions or if extensive surgery is required.

Better Understand Your Medical Reports

Getting a second opinion from doctors will help you re-evaluate your diagnosis, better understand the medical condition that you have, and the scope of treatment required, and as a consequence make better and more informed decisions about what course of treatment and medication you will undertake. You may even learn about various alternatives (surgical and non-surgical) that are available in your home country which may then mean that you don’t need to travel abroad. Altogether, the recommendations and insight may help you feel more emboldened and confident about going forward with getting treatment in another country or will help you avoid unnecessary costs and diagnostic errors.

The latter is especially important as in spite of the advancements made in medicine, one out of 10 patients are misdiagnosed each year. So to avoid serious harm from diagnostic errors, a second opinion from doctors is invaluable before you opt for medical tourism as a solution. In fact, some clinics report that second opinions from medical experts have led to 87% of diagnostic corrections.

Bluedot Prior Expert Assessment

That’s where Bluedot Medical Assistance can help. The Bluedot Group is known for its extensive and strong worldwide network of medical professionals specialized in different fields – for example, if you have a cardiac arrhythmia, you would be matched with an electrophysiologist for a consultation rather than with a cardiologist.

Our experts can assess your case remotely based on your medical information such as health records, scans, etc., and then connect with patients via video chatting (e.g. Skype or FaceTime). This will enable them to examine a patient’s visible medical conditions such as wounds, incisions, respiratory efforts, and other symptoms, and they can also ask pertinent follow-up questions.

All this will ensure that you receive the right diagnosis and medical treatment plan based on the best medical evidence and experience available. The doctors will clarify any doubts you may have, offer helpful advice which can help you determine your next course of action, and give you the assurance that you are making the right decisions for your health.

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