Medical Tourism in UAE

Among the top health care destinations, medical tourism in UAE have attracted many for its affordable, reliable and state-of-the-art technology. Bluedot services are the best when it comes to finding your right treatment in UAE. Our medical assistance team assists from beginning to end, tailoring personalized attention.
Feb 15, 2022
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UAE Health Tourism

Medical Tourism is an industry growing at a steady pace, across global markets and is providing people from all around the world with a wide range of medical and healthcare-related services. The quality of medical care is a vital motivator for international patients who choose to travel abroad seeking better medical options, including better medical facilities and cost-effective procedures.

Over the last decade, medical tourism in the UAE has been developing rapidly and is a preferred destination for many international travelers. UAE is currently in the top 10 highly sought-after medical tourism destinations in the world and is climbing the charts at a rapid pace with each passing year. Dubai ranks first as the top medical destination in the Arab region. It includes tourists from neighboring countries, other Asian Nations, USA, Europe, and African nations. The increasing number of patients indicates the effectiveness of the government in welcoming patients and providing them with proper medical attention. The strong health regulation framework, which helps ensure the quality of health care provided, the many positive government policies and the strong health infrastructure has resulted in making UAE a popular choice for medical tourism.

All set to become the Hub of Medical Tourism, UAE has succeeded in offering world-class healthcare options with Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the major hotspots. In Abu Dhabi, with a partnership between the Department of Health and the Department of Culture and Tourism, the Emirate has launched a major drive to attract more medical tourists. Dubai is working aggressively on expanding and revamping its healthcare infrastructure and is aiming to attract around half a million health tourists in the coming years. Dubai Health Experience (DHX) was launched by Dubai in 2018 to enhance the whole medical tourism design. (DHX) launched by Dubai

Health Insurance and Healthcare cost

Many international travelers prefer UAE as the travel destination for their medical care due to the increasing healthcare costs back home and the lack of insurance coverage for some treatments such as orthopedics, dermatology, and dental procedures. In recent years, the development of high medical care standards and affordable prices has resulted in a surge in the number of patients.

Life expectancy and Lifestyle diseases

The global average life expectancy today is higher than it used to be and is expected to increase in the coming years. The aging population is estimated to triple in numbers in the coming years and the increase in global healthcare spending obviously points to growth in the medical tourism sector.

The increase in the number of people suffering from Obesity and Diabetes, the most common lifestyle-related diseases, also indicates an increase in the number of medical and wellness tourists from all over the world opting for treatments from the health clinics and wellness centers in the UAE.

Quality of Treatments and State of the-Art Facilities

The UAE ranks higher than the majority of other GCC countries across most healthcare indicators and has many worlds class medical facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology, including the most innovative surgical equipment in the world and highly qualified specialists and physicians. Dubai is home to one of the largest populations of skilled surgeons.  A wide range of treatments are being offered including: –

*Specialized Cancer Treatments

*Cosmetic Surgeries

*Dental Procedures

*Orthopedic Treatments


* Fertility Treatments

A large number of medical professionals leads to minimizing the waiting time for the patients to be scheduled for opted procedures. Most of the medical practitioners are trained in the US and European Countries and speak fluently in many foreign languages. A medical body strictly monitors and ensures that only surgeons and practitioners of high quality are licensed to practice medicine in the UAE.

Recreation and Relaxation

Upon completion of the medical treatment, tourists have many options to simply relax and rejuvenate their body and mind, whether it is a pampering spa treatment, working out in a gym, or just exploring the neighborhood. The primary goal is to concentrate on your overall wellness and take it easy and just relax. One can choose from a vast number of options including beautiful resorts and hotels for an extended reinvigorating treatment coupling a vacation with medical treatments.

Are you planning to visit the UAE for your medical needs? Allow us to help. At  Bluedot, we are committed to providing you with high-quality and cost-effective medical and healthcare services based on individual requirements. We take pride in our excellent customer-friendly service work around the clock assisting you with personalized medical services in the event you wish to travel to the UAE. We offer tailor-made travel plans and guide you through every step of your medical stay including your follow-up care.

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