About Bluedot Medical Assistance

Service. Care. Professionalism.

Bluedot Medical Assistance is a sister concern of Bluedot Air Ambulance (formerly Universal Medical Transfer Services – UMTS), the most sought-after air-medical transfer company in the Middle East. Bluedot is increasingly the choice of governments, companies, and private individuals in the region due to our commitment to detail, systematic planning, transparent billing, and prompt service.

Who We Are

The Middle East's leading medical aviation, charters and assistance provider

Bluedot Group is the leading provider of medical air transfers in the Middle East, as well as travel and booking assistance with its strong worldwide network of doctors, medical professionals, and hospitals.

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What Does the Bluedot Stand For?


The bluedot represents the Earth as seen from Space. It stands for the global reach of our services.


The circle is the most complete shape. It represents the comprehensive and all-inclusive nature of our services.


Blue represents the calmness of our team in the face of urgencies and emergencies, both medical and aviation.


Wherever possible, we simplify processes, procedures, and requirements, so that you receive a smooth service.


Optimism is ingrained in everything we do. We're always hopeful of the most positive outcome for every client.


Our staffs are from different parts of the world, with diverse backgrounds, but one clear focus: selfless service.

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