Cost Containment Of Medical Travel Assistance

With rising healthcare costs and the availability of best procedures in foreign countries, seeking medical treatment abroad is becoming increasingly popular. From hospitality to on-ground services, we factor in every aspect of cost containment of medical travel assistance, providing you with the best experience possible.

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Cost Containment

Air travel and treatment in a foreign country can be expensive. Our experts know how to ensure the quality of services without having you over-pay for them. This is factored into every aspect of your journey, including hospitality and on-ground services.

More people than ever are opting to seek treatment abroad for a variety of reasons, including high healthcare costs in the home country, as well as the availability of specialist-driven procedures and high-quality facilities coupled with affordable prices in foreign countries.

This is why countries such as Thailand, India, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and Spain see millions of medical tourists visiting them every year. And countries in the Middle East are quickly becoming top medical tourism hotspots as well.

Less Cost Abroad

But although treatment in foreign countries is available at cheaper prices than in a home country (for example, Rehana from Korea, traveled to India for a nose job, control depth peel, and multivitamin (cosmetic skin treatments) and only paid Rs 35, 000 for the procedure and treatments. Back home, the same would have cost her double that amount), many people still worry about the costs of medical tourism.

This is a justified concern. The associated costs of flights and hotel bills for the expected length of stay can add up. And when individuals have to assemble their own information and negotiate any treatment, prices can be unexpectedly high if not done right or if things go awry.  And lack of transparency in healthcare costs can lead to significant confusion as costs can vary wildly from one hospital to another, even in the same country.

The danger of High Costs Abroad

For instance, Israel newspaper Haaretz reports the case of Eva [not her real name], a cancer patient from Nigeria who traveled to Israel for a laparoscopic operation. However, due to some unexpected circumstances, Eva was placed at a hospital where laparoscopic operations were not performed. As she was too sick to move, her family had to pay $14,000 for the tests and the hospitalization, drying up their funds.

Bluedot Checks Costs before Travel

This is where Bluedot Medical Assistance can make a difference. The Bluedot group’s network of NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) certified hospitals and expert medical practitioners make it the leading provider of medical booking assistance for organizers, companies, and individuals in the Middle East.

This means that you’ll have a dedicated Bluedot case manager who will leverage the expertise of the Bluedot network to share transparent, market-based pricing for the medical services and procedures required for your treatment, along with the other associated expenses.

Bluedot Ensures No Hidden Fees

This means that you can fully understand the breakdown of the total fees quoted and promised quality of the care offered – no hidden fees or inclusion of unnecessary tests or medicine – before you make your first payment. You will know exactly what you’re paying for throughout your trip.

Your Bluedot case manager will also ensure that you don’t get financially exploited regarding any aspect of your trip, including travel, accommodation, and insurance expenses. You’ll even be able to account for the pricing of documentation, translation of records to foreign languages, visa procedures, etc ahead of time as Bluedot will help arrange all of this for you.

Contact Bluedot Medical Assistance on +971551881441 today for all your queries about the costs of treatment in a foreign country.

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