Custom Packages For Medical Treatment

The best medical care is always a personal preference. Experience the best custom packages for medical treatment where we personally purvey an ensemble of medical experts and the best medical assistance, tailored to individual needs. These custom packages are fully formal, budget-friendly, and in the best interest of our clients.

custom packages for travelling abroad for medical treatment

Custom Packages

For patients requiring complex surgical procedures, Bluedot puts together custom packages that better serve the particular needs of the case. Our network of medical professionals is experienced at helping plan such services. 

Many countries such as Thailand, India, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and Spain are a boon for those who cannot receive treatment at home because of a variety of reasons, from the home country lacking quality facilities to long waiting lists for public health care, or because the treatment they seek is illegal or not yet available at home. It’s easy to see why medical travel is growing.

Medical Travel is Budget-friendly

Most often though it is because of high prices for medical care in the home country. For people who are faced with the difficult choice between using up all their savings and painful medical conditions, medical tourism has been the answer. That’s why tens of thousands travel to countries like India where an open-heart surgery can be performed for $10,000 instead of opting for the same surgery in the States where the price tag would be $150,000. Or to give you another example, dental implant surgeries which are about $2800 in the States, can be about $1035 in Hungary.

Medical travelers always benefit from the variety of treatments at a destination country, such as dental care, cosmetic surgery, elective surgery, fertility treatment, and complex surgical procedures. However, for some individuals, more customized care is needed. Individuals can require tailored treatment that takes into account their unique medical history, a variety of factors such as lifestyle choices, age, occupation, and individual needs. This takes out all the guesswork, enables more informed treatment decisions, and helps increase the chances of a better health outcome.

Verification and Information

But it can be difficult to navigate healthcare in a foreign country. You’ll need to check the qualifications of the healthcare providers who will be doing the procedure as well as the licensure, credentialing, and accreditation of the facility where the procedure will be done. You don’t want to find yourself paying out of pocket for a substandard experience or compromising your health in any way, especially if you have a specific or complex medical condition. 

That’s where Bluedot Medical Assistance can help.

The Bluedot Group is known for its extensive and strong worldwide network of doctors, medical professionals, and hospitals, as well as its commitment to attention to detail, systematic planning, transparent billing, and prompt service. This is why it is the leading provider of medical booking assistance in the Middle East and the go-to choice for governments, companies, and individuals. 

Dedicated Personal Attention

Bluedot can put together tailored care packages to better serve the particular needs of patients. Our medical professionals (from physicians and nurses to case managers trained in treatment planning) are very experienced at helping plan such services and are strongly motivated to deliver the best-personalized healthcare plan possible. 

We are dedicated to every single patient, and work to care for them as individuals, instead of numbers to manage. Therefore, custom packages will address the varying needs of patients in all stages of treatment and we also ensure that a seamless and coordinated plan is prepared in conjunction with the medical practitioner, elevating your care to the highest levels.

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