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Preserving health with care from the best doctor is a priority. Taking you to your best care anywhere around the world is ours. Bluedot assist in finding the best specialist particular for your need with our doctor appointment booking services. Find the best health care through Bluedot as we span across the globe.

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Doctor Appointments

Get virtual and in-person appointments with doctors around the world. With our wide professional network, we can help you find the right specialists to meet your needs and assist your travel to meet them.

In any country, you’ll find great doctors as well as those who are less talented, trained, and experienced. But when finding a competent doctor in your home country itself is difficult, you can only imagine how challenging it can be to search for a qualified doctor for your medical treatment overseas.

Modern Facilities Worldwide

The good news is that most medical tourism destinations, including Thailand, India, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and Spain have plenty of modern and well-equipped hospitals that are affiliated with esteemed international facilities such as the Wockhardt Hospital in Bangalore, India, which is linked to Harvard. Physicians and nurses in these hospitals are highly qualified and many have trained in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

A Case of Overseas Excellence

Let’s look at the example of Peter Esomba, a Cameroon-based resident, who traveled to India for treatment for deep burn injuries on his face and on his scalp that he’d received from a blast at a cocoa factory. Surgeons in Mumbai, India, treated his facial wounds through skin grafting, attended to his skull wounds, and also restructured his eye and lips. The surgical team also performed complicated procedures such as a corneal transplant and used skin grafting to improve Peter’s nasal structure. This is just one instance of excellent professional care that patients can receive overseas.
But finding the right doctor for your treatment in another country can be quite challenging if you don’t have the right guidance.

Finding the Right Doctor

The physician, specialist, or surgeon you choose for medical treatment and care in a foreign country must have the appropriate experience and credentials in the specific area of medicine that is appropriate for your procedure so that they can diagnose and treat your condition as effectively as possible. It’s best if you know where they studied, where they trained, and in what specialty(s) they are board-certified. They should ideally also be fluent in English so they can communicate easily with you.While getting this information is critical to your health and wellbeing, it might be difficult for you to gather. This is where Bluedot Medical Assistance can help.

Bluedot’s Worldwide Network

Bluedot prides itself on its extensive worldwide network of doctors, medical professionals, and hospitals, which is why it is the leading provider of medical booking assistance for organizations, companies, and individuals in the Middle East. With our wide professional network, we can help you find the right specialists to meet your needs whilst taking into consideration the stream of medicine you prefer ie. modern medical physicians, ayurvedic doctors, etc.

We’ll help you book virtual and in-person appointments with doctors around the world so you can speak directly with them, get a second opinion if you’d like, and clarify all your doubts.

It’s important that you can evaluate the quality and trustworthiness of your medical practitioner before you make the choice to travel to meet them and complete your treatment. Making sure you will receive a high level of medical expertise and professional care will make you feel more confident in your treatment plan.

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