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travelling abroad for medical treatment with medical assistance

Choose the Best Healthcare Destinations for You

Bluedot Medical Assistance redefines medical travel with a focus on personalised care. Travel confidently for your medical needs while we manage the health records, hospital bookings, transportation, and accommodation for you, globally. Our certified medical service providers and partners guarantee quality while our dedicated case manager offers 24/7 assistance throughout your journey. With Bluedot Medical Assistance you have access to caregivers, doctors, and destination hospitals, with real-time updates and transparent procedures. Our digital health records seamlessly integrate and update your healthcare data. Experience medical travel with Bluedot — healthcare and hospitality at the best destinations for you.

medical second opinion services

Second Opinion Services

Before you plan a foreign trip for medical reasons, we help you take a second opinion from expert doctors. This will help you better decide your need to travel, your medical destination, reasons for choosing, duration of stay, etc.

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hospital bed booking for patients

Hospital Bed Booking

Booking a bed in a hospital abroad is hassle-free with our medical assistance service. With a deep understanding of your medical and personal needs, we ensure that hospital rooms are comfortable and booked well on time.

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medical travel assist

Doctor Appointments

Get virtual and in-person appointments with doctors around the world. With our wide professional network, we can help you find the right medical specialists to meet your needs and assist your travel to meet them.

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medical assist cost

Cost Containment

Air travel and medical treatment in a foreign country can be expensive. Our experts know how to ensure the quality of services without having you overpay for them. This is factored into every aspect of your journey, including hospitality and on-ground services.

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custom packages for travelling abroad for medical treatment

Custom Packages

For those who require complex surgical procedures, we put together custom packages that better serve the particular needs of the case. Our network of medical professionals is experienced in helping plan such medical travel services.

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medical travel assistance followup care

Follow Up Care

Once you’re back home after treatment, we offer follow-up care, whereby you can communicate your recovery with the doctors and the foreign hospitals where you received medical care, and get follow-up services as needed remotely or in person.

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travelling abroad for medical treatment

Bluedot Medical Assistance

We Change the Way you Travel for Medical Needs

Our dedicated case manager provides you 24-hrs medical assistance throughout your journey, stay and return home. Bluedot is known for setting higher-than-industry standards in the medical transfer sector. We’re now rolling out custom software that helps integrate all your health records and make them accessible to you, your caretakers, doctors, and destination hospitals at a click. This allows for real-time updates and monitoring and speeds up institutional procedures.

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What Bluedot Offer More

Bluedot is known for setting higher-than-industry standards in the medical travel and medical assistance sector with these additional services:

medical assistance services

Medical Visas & Document Translation

medical assistance

Foreign Airport Transit Assistance

medical travel assistance

Medical Travel with Leisure Packages

medical assist

24-Hrs Dedicated Case Manager

travel abroad for medical treatment
Certified Centers

NABH & JCI-certified hospitals, NABL-certified diagnostics labs

travel abroad for medical treatment

Only 4 to 7 Star hospitality partners are hand-picked

travel abroad for medical treatment
Anytime, Anywhere

We're always on call to assist you globally

travel abroad for medical treatment
Special Needs

Clients with special needs receive extra care

Advantage With Bluedot Medical Assistance

Service. Around the Clock. Around the World.

Travel abroad confidently for your medical needs, and we will take care of everything— from personal health records to hospital bookings and foreign authorities, transport, accommodation, and more. Plus all our associate health and hospitality service providers are vetted for quality parameters, such as NABH & JCI certified hospitals, NABL-certified diagnostics labs, and 3 to 5-star hospitality partners.


Medical Destinations

Make your travel for medical treatment an enjoyable and uplifting experience with Bluedot Medical Assistance. We will guide you to the best combination of healthcare and hospitality at the world's top destinations.

travel abroad for medical treatments
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medical assist services
medical travel assistance for medical treatment


1.How do I select a medical transfer service option?

You can send us the details of the patient's condition and we will discuss the details with your doctor and will suggest the best and the most feasible medical transfer service option.

2.What should I focus on when choosing a medical transfer Service?

You need to take the advice of your doctor and the expertise of the medical assistance service provider. Make sure your doctor has spoken to the service provider and has given his clearance for using the medical transfer service.

3.Can I book destination hospitals and flights via your Service?

Yes, our team will assist you in booking a destination hospital and flight tickets for your smooth medical transfer

4.Will I get an invoice from Bluedot?

Yes, after making the payment, Bluedot Medical Assistance will draw up a final invoice and will pass this invoice to you directly. In case your deposit payment has not been used completely, you can get the positive balance paid back along with your invoice.

5.Is it necessary to translate the medical report for the doctors?

If you have decided to use our medical assistance services for the organization of a medical treatment program abroad, you may need to translate any medical documents if it was requested by the destination hospital medical team.

6.When should I pay for the medical assistance services?

The medical assistance service fees need to be made in advance as all the arrangements need to be made before the transfer itself.

7.What happens if I cancel the program?

Upon cancellation of the medical transfer program, the prepaid amount except the fees for documents and arrangements made will be returned to you.

8.Can I book a medical transfer from (to) the airport and VIP-service at the airport?

Yes, this type of medical transfer service is available.

9.What kind of medical procedures can I get through medical travel assistance service?

Medical travel assistance providers help you plan for a variety of medical procedures, such as surgeries, diagnostic testing, and chronic disease treatments. Cosmetic surgery, dental procedures, infertility therapies, and cancer therapy are among the most prevalent medical procedures sought by individuals through medical travel assistance.

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