Follow Up Care

The recovery process is healthy when communication between the patient and doctor is complete.  Bluedot facilitates complete follow-up care with constant and uninterrupted medical proficiency established by our medical assistance team. Explore our services and choose the best medical care, no matter the distance.

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Follow Up Care

Once you’re back home after treatment, Bluedot offers follow-up care, whereby you can communicate your recovery with the doctors and the foreign hospitals where you received medical care, and get follow-up services as needed remotely or in person. The main concern for those traveling overseas for medical treatment is the after-care they need once they return home. 

Many medical tourists receive excellent care in the countries they travel to for surgical procedures and medical treatment. Thailand, India, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and Spain are all medical tourism destinations that offer a range of medical services that include dental care, cosmetic surgery, elective surgery, and fertility treatment, and are known for their low cost of treatment, quality healthcare infrastructure, and availability of highly-skilled doctors who also speak English. 

However, medical tourism is not without risks as issues of safety and quality can still loom large. Depending on the medical providers chosen in the destination country, you may still suffer from substandard surgical care, poor infection control, inadequate screening of blood products, and old medications. Traveling long distances back home after surgical procedures can also pose certain risks, such as deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism.

Follow Up-Care Requires Correct Instructions

Patients who develop complications may need extensive and appropriate aftercare and clinical follow-up of the medical problems for which the patient was treated when they return home in the days, weeks, and even years after the procedure. Furthermore, additional procedures, like the removal of stitches and prescription medicines, are part of recovery. It’s imperative that you receive follow-up instructions as advised by a surgeon or the doctor to prevent further complications and to nurse your health back.

But this can prove problematic sometimes. 

Aftercare coordination after a patient returns back home from their medical treatment is one of the critical areas of concern for medical travelers. If there is a lack of documentation or information about the diagnosis, the prognosis, as well as the treatments and medicine that the medical tourist has received, this can complicate matters for physicians in the home country. 

Maintaining Relationships with Doctors

As the leading provider of medical booking assistance in the Middle East, the Bluedot Group prides itself on its extensive and strong worldwide network of doctors, medical professionals, and hospitals. The organization believes that strong established relationships between patients and physicians are critical to the overall quality of care that is successfully extended to patients. Coupled with its attention to detail, systematic planning, transparent billing, and prompt service, it’s easy to see why Bluedot is the preferred choice of service provider for governments, enterprises, and tens of thousands of private individuals. 

Once you’re back home after treatment,  Bluedot Medical Assistance will ensure you receive proper follow-up care, whereby you can communicate your recovery with the doctors and the foreign hospitals where you received medical care, and get follow-up services as needed remotely or in person. 

Ask Questions

You’ll be able to ask all the questions you need and receive the assurances you desire.  This will make it easier to coordinate care to your local provider if you so desire to work with them and transfer information and files as needed, which enables more informed treatment decisions and helps increase the chances of a better health outcome. And finally, it will also provide you with the extra peace of mind you need in order to have a more relaxed recovery process.

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