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With our extensive knowledge of your medical and personal necessities, booking a hospital bed in a foreign land becomes a seamless and efficient process.

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Hospital Bed Booking

Booking a bed in a foreign hospital is hassle-free with our services. With a deep understanding of your medical and personal needs, we ensure that hospital rooms are comfortable and booked well on time. While most people try to stay out of the hospital when they’re abroad, an increasing number of people are traveling to foreign countries for the express purpose of booking themselves into one. 

Global Medical Travel

The global medical or health tourism market, which sees hundreds of thousands of people traveling to a different country to obtain medical services that are unaffordable or not readily available in their primary country of residence, was already generating an incredible 4 million inbound visits globally in 2019. And now, with the lifting of travel bans and restrictions around Covid-19, medical tourism is set to rebound to pre-pandemic levels; forecasts suggest a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% until 2024.

Widespread air travel, mounting healthcare costs, long waiting lists, and the lack of availability of specific medical services in home countries have all contributed to this global explosion of medical tourism. Individuals can now easily travel to a variety of medical tourism destinations such as Thailand, India, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and Spain and take advantage of a range of medical services on offer that can include dental care, cosmetic surgery, elective surgery, and fertility treatment.

Medical Travel in the Middle East, Asia & Africa

For instance, people from Africa often travel to nearby Middle Eastern countries to access advanced treatment, such as Abu Dhabi’s Cleveland Clinic. Travel to India from the Middle East and Europe is also popular with those who are looking for economical yet advanced medical care which can include Ayurvedic and alternative medical treatments.

However, it’s critical to first understand how medical treatment in another country works and the risks involved. Navigating the nuances of foreign medical care can be confusing, complex, and challenging.

Ensuring the Right Service Abroad

When you’re abroad, the risk of complications depends on the quality of care in the hospital you choose. This means having to assess their licensure, credentialing, and accreditation, especially since in some countries, counterfeit medicines and lower-quality medical devices may be used. After all, you don’t want to find yourself paying a lot of money for substandard healthcare.

Furthermore, there may be issues with communicating with staff at the foreign healthcare facility if you’re not fluent in the native language of the country. Receiving care at a hospital where you are not sure of the language could lead to misunderstandings about your medical issues and your care.

Bluedot’s Assistance Expertise

The Bluedot Group is the leading provider of medical booking assistance in the Middle East thanks to its partnerships with the best hospitals in over 85 countries and over 69 hospitals in the UAE itself. With Bluedot Medical Assistance, you can rest assured that booking a bed in a foreign hospital will be a simple and hassle-free process.

We will first get an understanding of your unique medical and personal needs and budget, and then book a hospital and a room that meets your specific requirements. For instance, many hospitals offer a variety of rooms, ranging from private to shared. We will book your room as per your preference.

We will also take your preferences about caretakers, accommodation, hotel stay, customized food, etc into account.  We ensure that hospital rooms are comfortable and booked well on time so you need not worry about waiting in queues or not being able to get the care you need immediately.

Contact Bluedot Medical Assistance on +971551881441 today for all your queries about booking hospital beds in a foreign country.

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